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How We Help

Trees are a big part of your environment. You enjoy the shade they provide in the summer and their wind protection in the winter. Plus, of course, trees add beauty to your landscape. We help you with tree and plant care to protect your landscaping investment.

Our services include tree pruning, tree restoration, insect and disease control, fertilization and preventive care. We provide arborist consultations and reports. We can set up a landscape management plan for you without requiring you to sign a contract for repeated service.

We advise other tree and landscape professionals on maintaining a healthy ecosystem. We understand the tree species in the Bay Area and will advise you on controlling diseases and pests.

We are here to assist. We can provide consultation, complete service and everything in between.

Call 24-hours a day for emergency service: (650) 391 8062

For more information on specific services, see the glossary of services page.

  • Insect and disease control
  • Fertilizing and care
  • Arborist consultations
  • Landscape management plans
  • Emergency service
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