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Arborists of Hirschbek Tree Surgery have an educated understanding of how a tree or bush will respond to each cut. Careful pruning includes:

  • Thinning removal of unnecessary crossing or competing branches
  • Crown cleaning removal of dead, damaged, weakly attached, or diseased branches
  • Crown raising removal the lower branches to increase visibility, reduce hazards near walkways and provide clearance to facilitate lawn mowing
  • Restoration training of a damaged tree to resume its natural growth

Building Clearing
We will carefully prune of branches away from a structure or area in preparation for construction or painting.

Insect and Disease Control
Hirschbek Tree Surgery technicians use natural treatments to control both insects and diseases without polluting or damaging the environment.
We safely eliminate insects, such as pine tree beetles and bores and aphids and scale insects.
We use the most modern treatments to control diseases, such as peach leaf curl, anthracnose fungus, fire blight, leaf blight, and powdery mildew.

Fruit Elimination
Natural treatments will be used to prevent unwanted olive or liquid amber.

Lawn Fertilizing and Care
Hirschbek Tree Surgery will provide a detailed lawn analysis that includes assessing your lawn’s overall health, identifying harmful weeds, insects, or diseases, and recommending ways to achieve the healthiest lawn.

Arborist Consultation and Report
Hirschbek Tree Surgery will provide consultation services including appraisals, tree identification, mapping, hazard identification, tree inventories, and diagnosis of diseased or damaged trees and shrubs, treatment programs, and the marking and preserving of trees during construction.

Landscape Management Plans
Hirschbek Tree Surgery will provide your property with a complete inventory of all trees organized on a multiple year tree-care plan. Our landscape care plans ensure the health of your trees and landscape. We will not require you to sign a contract for repeated service knowing that as long as you are satisfied, you will want the team to return.

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